46 Houbara flying the UAE flag in celebration of National Day

Date : 15/02/2018

Description :

Largest number of birds released during UAE National Day by International Fund for Houbara Conservation


Abu Dhabi, 2. December 2017: In celebration of the 46thUAE National Day, the International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC) released 46 Asian Houbara in the UAE desert - the largest number ever released during National Day celebrations. Each bird was fitted with a lightweight plastic leg ring in the colors of the UAE flag - flying the flag as they took to the desert skies.

“It is of special significance we release these Houbara bustards on our National Day, as our conservation program was initiated over four decades ago by the Founding Father of our Nation, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. We’re honored to celebrate his legacy both through celebrating the National Day and releasing these precious birds into their natural habitat,” commented Ali Mubarak Al Shamsi, Acting Head of Communications & Public Relations, IFHC.

Specially invited to participate in the National Day release were 28 academically distinguished students of Remah Primary & Secondary School. The students were introduced to the Houbara, the birds’ integral role in the UAE’s culture & traditions, and the importance of the Houbara Fund’s conservation efforts.

“By involving students in the Houbara release, and letting them experience the birds in their natural habitat, we seek to impress upon them the importance of nature and bird conservation, andinspire them to become the next generation of conservationists,’ commented Al Shamsi.

The birds released in the desert at Remah are native to the UAE, and were bred in captivity at the National Avian Research Centre in Sweihan, as part of the Houbara Fund’s breeding & release efforts. This year the Houbara Fund has released 26,433 Asian Houbara in the UAE – all of which are resident, non-migrating birds bred at the IFHC’s two breeding centers in the UAE (National Avian Research Centre in Sweihan and Sheikh Khalifa Houbara Breeding Centre in Saih Al Salam).


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