Houbara Action Project

We need not look outside the UAE to convey the love to conserve or the great success dedicated efforts can reap. The Houbara Action Project (“HAP”) will allow students and teachers to draw inspiration from the success story of a species that is found here, and was threatened, but is now being conserved due to the passion and dedication of a great leader and his team of professionals.

Project Based Learning

The second component that every school that has registered with the programme is the Houbara Action Project . The Houbara Action Project offers schools a golden opportunity to involve students in Project Based Learning or active learning, which is recommended by the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education and Knowledge 'to enhance student performance by developing the student as a communicator, a thinker and a problem solver'.

The objective of a Houbara Action Project is to bring about change that addresses a problem or challenge in the community that a student or group of students will try to solve to benefit Houbaras, communities or the environment at large. Students will develop the skills and knowledge to help them plan and implement an action project and collaborate to enhance awareness and bring about change on issues such as conservation, preservation, the environment, etc. that improves community life.


Special training sessions to help implement the HAP will be held for schools that register for this programme.


Ideas and materials to help undertake the action project will be provided.


Guidelines and instructions to implement the action project will be provided.

Community Outreach

The Houbara Action Project will help raise awareness about Houbara conservation efforts amongst students and teachers, while it offers opportunities to enhance the learning experience for the student. Through the implementation of the project, students will be able to reach out to the community and share their knowledge of our successes in Houbara conservation. The knowledge that has been limited to experts and professionals in the field of conservation will now be extended to the community, and the community will also learn to respect, conserve and work for their environment with passion and dedication.


At the end of the year, schools will submit a report of their implementation of the project with relevant evidence. Due recognition will be awarded to schools that have done exemplary work.


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