Why do we need conservation education?

Every school curriculum deals with conservation education. But, it is probably taught only by the biology or geography teacher. Besides, it is perhaps only the alarming and depressing facts regarding the accelerating rate of extinction of species on our planet that is conveyed to young students:

  • We are living in the age of the sixth mass global extinction triggered by human activities.
  • We will lose more than one-fifth of our species in 25 years.
  • In less than a century, we would have lost half of all species.

Haven't your efforts as a teacher often been limited to statistics or information regarding an animal or plant species that is far removed from the learner's or your own surroundings? Has it been easy to inspire the young learner to understand the role of conservation education when he or she cannot relate to this species?

Instead of conveying a sense of doom, we need to focus on the story of love and dedication that conservation is all about. Wouldn't it be more rewarding to take the young learner to something closer to his world and show him or her how to love and respect a species and understand its importance? How can you make the learner develop an interest and positive attitude towards conservation? How can you show them how to conserve what they love? We need to change conservation education from a narrow and limited approach to a multi-disciplinary approach. Teachers of various disciplines can deal with it in tandem to convey this story of hope.

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