Director's message

H. E. Majed Ali Al Mansouri

Dear teachers,

Education is a national priority for the UAE, with its importance recognised in the publication of the Centennial Plan: by 2071, our priority is for the UAE to offer the best education in the world. As H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nayhan, President of the UAE, said, “Educating the individual is this country’s most valuable investment. It represents the foundation for progress and development.”

Through education, we generate wealth as knowledge , which opens the horizons to a better future. To achieve our goals, teachers need the tools to deliver and students need to apply the values that emanate from Emirati culture. By celebrating our heritage we build a strong foundation, in understanding our past we have a greater sense of where we are going.

We have followed this philosophy at IFHC and through science, technology: determination and hard work have created one of the world’s leading conservation programmes. At a time in human development when the natural world is facing the threat of losing more than one-fifth of our species in 25 years, the sixth mass global extinction, we need to act and to educate tomorrow’s conservation leaders.

Conservation is important if we want to ensure that our children and theirs are able to enjoy living sustainably in a healthy planet with the natural resources that we enjoy today. We need to convey the story of our efforts and success in conserving the Houbara Bustard to our young, to elevate conservation education above the narrow confines of books or disciplines and help them relate to the spectacular efforts that have been made at home here in the harsh desert environment. The conservation of the Houbara will inspire them to think positively and equip themselves to strive to conserve our species with love and dedication.

This is why IFHC has developed Conservation Education with Special Focus on the Houbara Bustard. It changes conservation education from a narrow and limited approach to a multi-disciplinary approach and provides teachers from various disciplines with both a tool for teaching and an opportunity to convey this story of hope. It is a resource I would urge all educators to use in their vital work to equip today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges.

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